Joel Klatt,
Former Quarterback, University of Colorado 2002-2005
Current Fox Sports Host and Analyst

As a 34 year old man, and father of two boys under the age of five, I have reflected about which men in my life have had the most impact. It does not take much time for me to identify who those men have been. Jesus Christ, my father, Shawn Watson, and Gary Barnett have impacted my life more than any others. After a brief career as a Minor League Baseball player I found myself at a crossroads when Coach Watson changed my life. He invited me to walk-on at the University of Colorado and my life would never be the same. I was never recruited by a Division I football program so I was as shocked as anyone when he wanted me to join the team. As a walk-on it can be very difficult to get a fair look from a coaching staff, but Coach Watson was not most coaches. He cared deeply for all of us in his room, first as men, then as players regardless if he recruited us or not. It was very clear from the very start that Coach was unique. He poured himself into us and taught us the game from top to bottom. It was this supreme level of commitment that I am still so thankful for all these years later. If it were not for his ability to teach the game and his tireless work ethic I would not be where I am at today. I was fortunate enough to start for the Buffs for three seasons and even had a chance to participate in an NFL Training Camp all because of Coach Watson. To this day, in my profession, I use the foundation that was laid by coach Watson both from a schematic stand point as well as holding a high standard with attention to detail. As I travel the country and see CFB programs I can confidently say that Shawn Watson is one of the very best teachers in the business and he would be an asset to any program or organization. He treated me as if I were his own son, and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to play for Coach Watson - Joel Klatt

Cap Boso,
Former Tight-End at University of Illinois
Drafted by St. Louis Cardinals (1986) and Chicago Bears (1987-1981)

I met Shawn in 1983, when I was a redshirt sophomore at the University of Illinois. He was in charge of the scout team offense. That year, we won the Big 10 championship and went to the Rose Bowl! Our scout team offense competed every practice against one of the nation's best defenses! Shawn won the entire scout team over with his ability to motivate us and make it important to us. The next year Shawn was promoted to tight end coach, where he was my coach. Shawn made it so every tight end on the team had a role. As a group we were excellent, we played hard and competed in practices. In all my football career, I never was more prepared for game day, than at Illinois. My junior and senior year, I received several individual awards, which was a result of my teammates and coaching. When I entered the NFL, I was way ahead of the other rookie tight ends, because I could run routes, read coverages and was fundamentally sound. Shawn went beyond coaching - he wanted to know his players, he asked about our families, knew our high schools and was genuinely interested in his players as people first! He did a great job of having a team within a team, as a position coach. After my NFL career, Shawn hired me as an assistant at Southern Illinois University where we reunited. Our teams were competitive and tough! From there Shawn was hired to Northwestern where his career moved in the fast lane! I have a lot of respect for Shawn - he was a big part of my success on the football field and in life. Shawn and I are lifetime friends! - Cap Boso

Will Stein,
Former Quarterback at University of Louisville
Currently the Quality Control Coach at University of Texas

I have known Coach Watson for over five years, and I can truly say there is no better man in the business than him. He is a master teacher of football and a great human being and role model for young men. He epitomizes the word “coach” and lives up to his convictions each and every day. He has taught me more about the game of football than any other coach I have been around. Playing quarterback for him was not only a joy but also an honor. He always treated me with the utmost fairness and respect and was always coaching the backups just as hard as the starter. His teaching of the fundamentals of the quarterback position as well as West Coast passing concepts allowed anyone playing for Coach Watson to succeed at a high, competitive level. He always was a player’s coach in my eyes because he allowed me the freedom to express myself on the field and in the huddle. I could always talk to him about something I saw fit in the offense and he would always listen. He is a man of great integrity and character and it reflected in the players he coached. Coach Watson is more than just my coach; he is a mentor and a friend. He is someone I can always count on to have my best interests in hand. Not only is he an unbelievable teacher of the game of football but also the game of life. He has groomed me to be the coach I am today and I am forever grateful for his works. - Will Stein

Mike Dormady,
Head Football Coach Boerne High School

I have known Coach Watson personally over the last several years but have followed his coaching and teaching philosophy for the last 15 years. He is an honest, sincere, trustworthy, and energetic person who is willing to do whatever it takes to help others improve. Knowing Shawn personally and professionally has allowed me to experience his true character and genuine compassion on and off the field. Coach Watson’s coaching style and systematic approach to develop football players and men is second to none. His system revolves around discipline and fundamentals which is why he is such a great teacher. I am very impressed with his attention to details which is the building block to success. In today's society it is refreshing to see a coach dedicated not only to his craft, but also to instilling lifelong values in young men. He continues to impact the lives of those around him and serves as a superb representative of our profession. - Mike Dormady

John Wristen,
Head Coach, Colorado State Pueblo

I had the opportunity to work with Shawn for nine years, and I've never been around a better fundamental coach, a great play-caller, and a humble man. He has the ability to take players where they can't take themselves. To me, that is the best definition of a great coach. He truly cares about his players and the coaches he works with. I am a big Shawn Watson fan. - John Wristen

Dave Borbely,
Offensive Line Coach, University of Maryland

Shawn is a true Master Coach. He is a great teacher of the fundamentals and techniques of quarterback play. His players love his passion for the game and become extensions of him on the field. He is truly the best I’ve ever coached with! - Dave Borbely

Pat Fitzgerald,
Head Coach, Northwestern University

Shawn has every characteristic you look for in a coach. He embodies impeccable character and an amazing work ethic to develop his young men to be the best they are capable of. Shawn has the coaching gift to take young men where they cannot take themselves! - Pat Fitzgerald

Ted Gilmore,
Receiver Coach,
University of Wisconsin

Shawn is an outstanding leader both on and off the field. He has excellent communication skills with his peers and student athletes. He also has the ability to create a great working environment, that allows people to grow. - Ted Gilmore

Hal Wasson,
Head Football Coach, Southlake Carroll, Texas

Shawn is a class act. I always looked forward to his visits. We talk a little ball and a lot of life. He is such a genuine person and an impeccable role model for all of his peers and friends. Not to mention one heck of a coach. I really value his friendship. - Hal Wasson

Todd Dodge,
Head Football Coach, Austin Westlake High School, Texas

As the the Head Football coach at Austin Westlake High School, I have known Coach Watson since around 1997 when I was coaching high school football in the Dallas area. Coach Watson has been a good friend of mine since and has taken the time to talk ball with me many times. Those opportunities to learn from Coach Watson have been invaluable to me in my growth as a football coach. Coach Watson has recruited several of my players through the years and all of them have loved him. He has such a natural and sincere way of building relationships. Recently Coach Watson was the recruiter of Sam Ehlinger, our Jr QB here at Westlake. Sam led us to a state championship game this season and was named the player of the year in the state of Texas. Coach Watson offered him a scholarship when Sam had only two other offers. So to say Coach Watson can evaluate QB's is an understatement. My son Riley Dodge got the opportunity to be Coach Watson's Off QC at Texas in 2014. I think a true measurement of a class College Coordinator is how they treat the "grunts". Coach Watson was so good to my son. As a father I was so appreciative of him for that. - Todd Dodge

Ron “Coach Sink” Roesink,
Columbus, Ohio

Shawn Watson has been a friend and coaching partner for several years. To say that he is a man of character, integrity and faith would not only be accurate, but only the start of the accolades due this outstanding coach, mentor and teacher of young men. I have had the privilege of coaching his 64 Elite Quarterback Camp at both the University of Louisville and the University of Texas, and I can say without question he is the organizer, director, and head master of the best and most complete quarterback camp in the nation and that is what he does, in his spare time. He is, in my opinion, one of the 10 best offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches, recruiters and certainly game-day play calling men in the US. I have the highest regard for Shawn as a coach, as a husband and father, and as a teacher and developer of great young men... along with being the ultimate team player when communicating with his fellow coaches. It has long been said when judging a coach, look at his players! His latest of many is Teddy Bridgewater, the Louisville All-American QB, who now in two years, has already become an elite quarterback in the NFL. Everyone around the league has remarked how ready Teddy was for the NFL, and he proved it by stepping in and becoming the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in his first year. Thank you Shawn Watson for just being YOU! - Ron “Coach Sink” Roesink Columbus, Ohio

Glen West,
Head Football Coach, Brenham High School, Texas

Shawn has been a friend since 2006. He has recruited four of our athletes in which two signed with him at Nebraska. I learned so much from Shawn about offense and quarterback play. We have had so many great times together through the years. I will never forget how he came into Brenham High School and taught our lead counselor how to help a young-man with disabilities. The student received his accommodations and scored high enough on his SAT to enroll at Nebraska. None of that would have happened with out Shawn. - Glen West

Keith Heckendorf,
Quarterback Coach, University of North Carolina

Shawn is an outstanding teacher of the game. He has the unique ability to streamline information and present it in a sequential format that allows Quarterbacks to grow and flourish under his direction. - Keith Heckendorf

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