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• Player Development
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• 34 years at various levels: BCS, mid-major, and D1-AA
• Head coach for three years at a Division I-AA school


From Cap Boso

"When I entered the NFL, I was way ahead of the other rookie tight ends, where I could run routes, read coverages, and was fundamentally sound."
- Cap Boso

From Joe Klatt

"As I travel the country and see CFB programs I can confidently say that Shawn Watson is one of the very best teachers in the business and he would be an asset to any program or organization. He treated me as if I were his own son, and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to play for Coach Watson" - Joel Klatt

From Will Stein

"Coach Watson is more than just my coach; he is a mentor and a friend. He is someone I can always count on to have my best interests in hand. Not only is he an unbelievable teacher of the game of football but also the game of life. He has groomed me to be the coach I am today and I am forever grateful for his works." - Will Stein

From Todd Dodge

"Coach Watson has recruited several of my players through the years and all of them have loved him. He has such a natural and sincere way of building relationships." - Todd Dodge

From Ron “Coach Sink” Roesink

"Shawn Watson, in my opinion, is one of the 10 best offensive coordinators and quarterback coaches, recruiters and certainly game-day play calling men in the US. It has long been said when judging a coach, look at his players!" - Ron “Coach Sink” Roesink
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